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Who We Serve

Are you looking for speech therapy services for your residential school, public school, private school,
charter school, or head start program?
Our certified speech language pathologists can help your students excel as confident
communicators. We have over a decade of experience successfully assisting special education
administrators and teachers to meet the needs of their students who have learning and
developmental difficulties in pre-school, elementary, middle school, and high school.

We can help with comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and treatment programs for speech
disorders including:

  • Language delays and learning disabilities

  • Cognitive difficulties

  • Stuttering

  • Reading disabilities

  • Social communication

  • Social functioning

  • Concussion related language difficulties, including memory, attention, and cognitive difficulties

  • Hearing screenings


Depending on what works best for your students’ needs, we can provide individual or small group
speech therapy. We use a variety of tools to work with students including social functioning apps for
a range of ages including tech savvy adolescents.

We can meet your school needs for:

  • Year-round student services

  • After school children’s programs

  • Summer enrichment programs

  • Vacation coverage

  • Maternity leave coverage

  • Illness or other temporary leave

  • IEPs

We also offer bilingual speech services in Spanish and Russian interpreting for ELL and parent-
teacher consultations.
We provide services to the Greater Metropolitan Boston area, the North Shore, South Shore, and
Middlesex counties.
Contact us to schedule student evaluations or consultation and be part of our student success