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Why Us?

Founded by Violetta Glikstein (MS CCC-SLP), a speech and language pathologist with over 15 years of experience, Violetta’s extensive clinical experience includes all education levels of public schools, private practice, residential schools, skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities and private schools.

Violetta’s passion and commitment is to the field of Speech Pathology in particular and health care delivery as a whole. She enjoys sharing knowledge, mentoring new graduates and serving as a preceptor of speech and language pathology students who attend Universities of the Greater Boston area. This led to a natural segue to matching professionals with specialized niches to institutions and  facilities who have short and long term staffing needs.  Please feel free to reach out to Violetta personally at


"I'm writing to say thank you for all your support over the past few months! It's been a real slog through this crazy compensatory schedule, so I appreciate you taking the time to listen to me vent every once in a while. This was the first time I worked for another SLP rather than a BCBA or a principal, and I have to say it has been way better working for someone who actually understands the job that I'm doing. Such a great feeling to know that I have you in my corner advocating for me. If and when I come across any SLPs looking for a change, I'll definitely send them your way."

Maxwell Kon CCC-SLP

"Speech Guru has open communication along with collaboration and teamwork. The company has strong ethical values, something not easily found in today’s world. Quality work is valued and does not go unrecognized!"

Kathy Twichell CCC-SLP

"As a clinical fellow and new clinician, Violetta provided me the support I needed to be successful under her mentorship. She helped provide me with opportunities for growth across various age groups within the school district, and was available for guidance whenever needed!"

Kelly Reid CCC-SLP (Past Clinical Fellow)

"My experience working with Violetta Glikstein has been nothing short of great. She urged me to keep going when I had grown frustrated and tired from the whole experience with Covid and the isolation I had endured for the last two years. As promised, Violetta provided encouragement and support in locating a position close to my home and accommodating my family circumstances. She has been responsive to circumstances I have faced related to school policies, teachers, therapists, parents and children within the ever changing setting of public schools. Violetta truly cares for her staff as demonstrated by weekly check-ins, offers of guidance and providing a work environment which is healthy, honest and stimulating. At this point in my career, I feel as though I have finally found what every dedicated and passionate SLP deserves."

Amy Bond CCC-SLP

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