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For Employers - Working With Us

SpeechGuru is more than a typical staffing agency. As your partner, our goal is to connect you with school or healthcare professionals who will have a positive and lasting impact on your students, patients, or clients to help your school, healthcare facility and your entire community.
SpeechGuru is proud to offer customized solutions based on your clients’ needs and requirements. From end-to-end solutions to consulting on existing programs, our offerings allow you to leverage our deep expertise and knowledge in a format that works best for your organization.
We make sure that any professional that comes from our agency is best suited to meet the needs of your student, patient or resident needs. We make sure that there is compatibility relative to your company philosophy and core values  and  are committed to  helping you exceed regulatory & industry standards. 
Our success is ultimately measured by the success of your students, patients and clients. We provide our school and healthcare professionals the training, services and support they need to keep up with the latest evidence-based practices to exceed all expectations.
We have an individualized inhouse onboarding process for all potential therapists, clinicians and educators and offer:

- In person interviews
- Verifiable Background Check and authorizations to work in the USA
- Review of qualifications/appropriate licenses
- Verified Reference Checks
- Placement based on experience for the setting
We are currently staffing:
- Speech and Language Pathologists
- Occupational Therapists
- Psychologists
We have services with bilingual options ranging from new graduates to 30+ years of experience and pride ourselves in offering streamlined cost-effective alternatives or supplements to your labor pool. 
To get started, please contact us to tell us your immediate or anticipated needs.

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