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Where Therapy and Technology are Bridged Together

SpeechGuru Telehealth Opportunities: Empowering Professionals and Clients 

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  1. Innovative Telehealth Services: SpeechGuru offers live videoconferencing for speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and behavioral/mental health services, available for students in schools or at home.

  2. Real-Time Interaction: Clients and therapists engage in real-time sessions, utilizing secure webcams and headsets in an online shared learning environment.

  3. Professional Endorsement: Supported by major associations like ASHA, AOTA, APA, APTA, Stuttering Foundation, American Geriatric Society, and American Academy of Pediatrics.

  4. Secure and Evidence-Based: Our Telehealth services are HIPAA-compliant, offering evidence-based best practices from certified Telepractitioners.

  5. Engaging Digital Format: Designed to be fun and engaging, making it exceptionally kid and adult friendly.

  6. Less Intimidating Approach: Many find Telehealth less daunting than traditional face-to-face therapy, with academic studies validating its effectiveness.

  7. Opportunities for Diverse Professionals:

    • Speech-Language Pathologists

    • School Psychologists

    • Occupational Therapists

Benefits for Professionals:

  • Access to cutting-edge Telehealth technology.

  • Flexibility to work remotely.

  • Opportunities to serve a wider range of clients.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Convenient access to therapy from home or school.

  • Reduced travel time and associated stress.

  • Continuity of care in various settings.

Join SpeechGuru's Telehealth network to experience the future of therapy delivery, benefiting both professionals and clients with top-notch, accessible, and effective services.

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