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Opening the World of Communication

Dynamic assessment used to diagnose strengths and challenges


Individualized goal planning tailored to each challenging area


Evidence based treatment to address each goal area


Client Centered

Allowing all individuals to experience learning success by helping clients and their families to improve communication, literacy, social thinking, cognitive linguistic functioning and overall quality of life through family centered therapy

Boris T. - Newton

Violetta is a very good speech therapist. She knows her specialty very well and helps the patient in their speech and swallowing problems. She is compassionate and really tries to get to know the patient before she dives into therapy.  Besides that, Violetta, has a great sense of humor which can be seen as a positive support for her ailing patients who are on the verge of giving up.  Thank you my speech Doctor!

Klara L. - Brookline

Violetta Glikstein was my speech therapist for my voice problems as part of my home health care services.  Violetta is highly professional and very enthusiastic about the job she is doing. She always came to our sessions very well prepared and organized, striving to help remediate and manage my symptoms.  She does a great job of following up, post discharge to see if the skills she taught are being used.  She was easy to reach via phone and email, even during her vacation.  Highly recommended to anyone who needs speech therapy.

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