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In the Schools

Are you looking for speech and language services for your public school, private school, charter school, or a head start program?


I can help your students excel as confident communicators. I have over 13 years of experience successfully assisting special education administrators and teachers to meet the needs of their students who have learning and developmental difficulties in pre-school, elementary, middle school, and high school.


I can help with comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and treatment programs for speech disorders including:

  • Language delays and learning disabilities

  • Cognitive difficulties

  • Stuttering

  • Reading disabilities

  • Social communication

  • Social functioning

  • Hearing screenings

I serve students who have difficulties with

  • Understanding classroom instruction

  • Participating in classroom instruction

  • Developing and maintaining relationships

  • Slow development of vocabulary, concepts or grammar

  • Inability to use different communication styles for different situations

  • Poor building blocks of understanding/expressing ideas, social development, learning, reading, and writing

  • Speech that is too high, low, or monotonous in pitch, interrupted by breaks, too loud or too soft, harsh, hoarse, breathy, or nasal

  • Interruptions in flow or rhythm, can include hesitations, repetitions, or prolongations, can affect sounds, syllables, words, or phrases

  • Saying one sound for another (wabbit for rabbit), omitting a sound in a word (i-cream for ice cream), distorting a sound (thee for see)

  • Difficulty in sucking, chewing, triggering a swallow, moving food into the stomach

  • Interfere with eating lunch and snacks, reduce opportunities that build friendships, can affect social and communication skills, can impact learning


My roles in the school includes:​

  • Prevention of communication disorders

  • Identification of students at risk for later problems

  • Assessment of students’ communication skills

  • Evaluation of the results of comprehensive assessments

  • Development and implementation of IEPs

  • Documentation of outcomes

  • Collaboration with teachers and other professionals

  • Advocacy for teaching practices

  • Participation in research projects

  • Participation in school-wide curriculum and literacy teams

  • Training paraprofessionals to implement and support students with speech needs


Depending on what works best for your students’ needs, I can provide individual or small group speech therapy. I am also trained in providing telepractice services.


I can meet your school needs for:

  • Year-round student services

  • After school children’s programs

  • Summer Enrichment Programs

  • Vacation coverage

  • Maternity leave coverage

  • Illness or other temporary leave

  • IEPs


I also offer bilingual speech services in Spanish and Russian languages for student and offer parent-teacher consultations.

I provide services to the Greater Metropolitan Boston area, as well as NYC area.

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