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Opening Pathways of Communication


I am a small business that works on bettering basic communication skills of our future...our children

Since our inception in 2018, Speech Guru has been committed to excellence in the services that we deliver, along with a consistent and supportive work environment for all of our contractors. SpeechGuru improves functional life skills in many healthcare and school settings. We strive to increase access of services to the community, promote academic achievement, while simultaneously supporting diverse learners and populations, and strengthening core family-school-home relationships.  

We pride ourselves in having great working relationships both with the therapists who work for us, and the schools and facilities who seek us out, whether it is for short- or long-term assignments or coverage throughout the Greater Metropolitan Boston area, the North Shore, South Shore, and Middlesex counties. At a time where there is a growing shortage of qualified therapists to meet the surging need, we a playing a vital role in closing that gap.



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